Discovering commodity Economics-Cotton
IMC-ERTF Initiative with Cottonguru®
  • Conference aimed to derive solutions to Agri and Textile Industry’s burning problems which were:
  • Measures to overcome disparity in cotton ginning and spinning
  • Doubling farmers’ income.

Event was a big success with participation of dynamic personalities & leaders from all segments of textile value chain. It was the first conference ever to get all influencers and decision makers on a common platform. From farmers to country’s top ginners, fertilizer companies to logistics and investment sector, scientists and trade associations to government officials; all shared the same space and had a common goal to get practical and feasible solutions.

During the conference, there was inauguration of “COTTON ANNUAL” by Mr. Suresh Kotak (Chairman, Kotak Group); Mr. Chandrashekhar (Director, IMC ETRF) and few other dignitaries. Country’s top, promising farmers and ginners were awarded as a token of appreciation for their contribution to the industry.

Event witnessed many people sharing impactful solutions all of which were drafted on a white paper immediately at the end of conference. This white paper was submitted to Mr. Pasha Patel(Chairman, State Commission for Agriculture & Prices); Dr.Alli Rani(M.D., Cotton Corporation of India) and Dr. Kavita Gupta (Textile Commissioner of India) and their assurance to implement the above marked the end of COTTON CONCLAVE 2018.

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