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There is lot of visible as well as intrinsic growth in textiles. We provide vital information, data and in-depth analysis on Agriculture, Cotton and Textile Companies which can prove to be a prospective investment opportunity to corporate investors. 

We can help the investors to track and rate prospective Agriculture and Textile Companies in terms of 

  • 1) Culture and DNA of the Management
  • 2) Sourcing and marketing strategy (Supply Chain)
  • 3) Risk Management strategy 
  • 4) Availability and price trend (current and future) of the raw material used by the Company
  • 5) Market demand (current and future) of the end product of the Company.



Since our inception, we have built ourselves a credible reputation of reliability and integrity by providing our clients timely and transparent information that is augmented by impartial advice and value-add service. And this is why our clients keep coming back to us – they trust us to do the right thing for them. 


We publish a special “ Market Report” so as to help the Investors to understand the market trend and accordingly invest in Agriculture and Textile sector.


We also publish “COTTONGURU® Fortnightly Newsletter” incorporating global cotton news and analysis of weather, sowing, production, consumption, import, export and price trends of Indian and imported cotton.  This highly informative Newsletter is given complementary to COTTONGURU® clients. 


Additionally, we are a Media House which promotes our Customers, their brands, events, Conferences, etc.

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