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Cottonguru® assists the Textile Companies and buyers of textile products such as cotton, yarn, waste, fabrics, etc to source their raw material from our registered and verified suppliers so that the Companies can focus on their core competencies.


Benefits of professional supply chain sourcing:

  • 1) Discover the right price of the raw material
  • 2) Reduce their sourcing and logistics costs
  • 3) Meet customer demand
  • 4) Increase their efficiency, flexibility and adaptability
  • 5) Reduce overheads and risks


Cotton On Demand- Novel concept of Cottonguru®

With this unique concept, we guarantee the supply and sourcing of Conventional, Organic, Fair-trade or BCI cotton as per specific requirements of buyers. We specialise in sourcing of contamination-controlled and contamination-free cotton. Experience of over 100 years, qualified hand graders and in-depth knowledge of industry and agriculture ensures the sourcing and supply of premium quality cotton to our customers at competitive prices.


Based on Cottonguru®’s partnership as a facilitator to build supply chains since 1903, many of our customers have benefitted for better cost reduction, market linkages and profit optimisation. With years of experience and professional expertise, Cottonguru® has developed into a one-stop solution capable of meeting all the needs and services of Agriculture and Textile sector


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